Caravan Guidelines

Habersham County : White County

Habersham County Caravan takes place on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month.

The county is divided into 2 sections, North and South. (See attached area descriptions.)
North will take place on the 2nd Wednesday - South on the 4th.

  1. Email property MLS data sheet to caravan scheduler the PRIOR Friday-Monday by 5:00 pm.
  2. Caravan schedule will be posted on and GMLRA Facebook page.
  3. Agents who submit listings for caravan must plan on attending the entire caravan.

If an emergency arises & the agent is unable to attend, the agent can designated another agent from their company to take their place.

  1. Please bring MLS data sheets to share with attendees.
  2. A property can be on caravan once every 6 months.
  3. Caravan leaves promptly at 9:00 am from the following designated areas:
    • SECTION 1 & 2 – HOMESTAR IN CLARKESVILLE (please park in back)
    • SECTION 3 & 4 – KMART PARKING LOT (next to Burger King)

Caravan Schedulers

Section 1 & 2 Tina Turner
Section 3 & 4 Jana Flury

The fine print

Caravan schedulers work hard to ensure the caravans are successful. The goal is to have a caravan last no longer than 3 hours, which depending on the proximity of listings will be around 10 houses. Caravan will be canceled if less than 3 companies and/or 5 listings are submitted. Caravan will be cancelled if Habersham County schools are closed due to weather. If you have a listing just across the Banks County line, submit it on section 3 and 4. The scheduler will accommodate the listing if possible. Please make agents aware of steep or rough driveways or any other potential problem. If possible, carpool and try to the caravan together.

Please let the scheduler know if you want to provide lunch, snacks, a drawing anything you wish to use promote attendance & they will add it to the announcement.

Please contact Habersham County Caravan director, Patricia Bower, if you have any questions.

White County Caravan takes place on the First Thursday of each month.

  1. Email property MLS data sheet to Caravan Scheduler by 5pm the Monday before Caravan is meeting.
  2. Agent who submits a listings for Caravan must attend the entire Caravan. If an emergency arises and the agent is unable to attend, the agent can designate another agent from their company to take their place.
  3. Caravan is done on a first come/first served basis.
  4. Agents are to bring MLS data sheets with plats on the back to share with the agents attending.
  5. Houses can be on Caravan once every 6 months.
  6. We will accept approximately 10-12 houses, depending on proximity. We will accommodate if possible.
  7. One listing per agent unless it fits into the time frame allotted and is approved by Scheduler.
  8. One Agent, One Listing. Agent cannot represent more than one listing.
  9. Houses must be in White County. Agents outside the county may represent their listings on White County Caravan as long as listings are in the county.
  10. Caravan leaves promptly at 9:00 am. Our Affiliates are participating by having breakfast ready for us by 8:30 am. We will keep you updated in advance where we will meet. If you have questions please contact one of the Scheduling Agents below.

Cancellations: Notification will be delivered via email using should caravan be cancelled. It's Agent's responsibility to check your email BEFORE you come to a Caravan if you have reason to believe it might be cancelled. A Caravan will be cancelled if:

  • WC Schools are out for bad weather. Scheduler will decide if we should reschedule.
  • If we have less than 4 companies and/or 6 listings.

Caravan Schedulers will rotate between:

  • Mary Beth LaShoto
  • Dana Patterson
  • Judy London
  • Bobbie Elrod
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